Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001


Citywide Street Plan Update due March 26

BOTHELL - On Monday, March 26, at 6 p.m. at the Northshore Senior Center (10201 E. Riverside Drive, Bothell), Bothell City Council will receive a Citywide Street Plan Update from the consultants and city staff.
   The presentation will include evaluations based on the Open House recommendations, past public input and continued research. The March 26 meeting is not a public hearing, yet the City Council will accept public input at that time.
   The recent city of Bothell Citywide Street Plan Open House meetings attracted numerous citizens.
   Five meetings were held to encourage public input and provide opportunities for community involvement as the city progresses with the street plan. Over 17,000 notices were sent to Bothell citizens alerting them to the Open House meeting.
   More than 300 citizens participated over the four-day period, submitting comments and asking questions to the city's transportation staff and street plan consultants.
   "We are very pleased with the response we received during the Open Houses and past public meetings," said Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "It's encouraging to see our citizens participate in this extremely complex process."
   Last fall, the city retained the Seattle transportation and land use firm of Bucher, Willis, and Ratliff to develop recommendations for a Citywide Street Plan.
   The City Council will utilize the consultants' recommendation, along with many other factors, in its consideration for the street plan's final adoption. In 2000, the City Council and city staff identified a Citywide Street Plan as a critical and compelling project meriting immediate attention.
   Development of the plan involves the preparation of a citywide street base map, outlining possible future road connections and possible street reclassification.
   To be added to the Citywide Street Planning mailing list, call Bothell Public Works Transportation Division at (425) 486-2768.