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March 19, 2001

Local News

Police Beat

March 11: At 1:28 a.m. an officer looked into a window of a parked car as he walked past it in a parking lot in the 13000 block of northeast 175th Street. He noticed an opened bottle of beer on the center console next to a passenger seated in the car. When asked, the passenger handed over the bottle. The driver of the vehicle then walked out of the business at which the car was parked carrying a plastic bag. The officer told the driver that he saw the opened container and the driver immediately said it was his beer. It was determined that the passenger was underage; this person agreed to a voluntary breath test, which showed alcohol in the blood system. The passenger was placed under arrest for minor in possession. The store owner said the driver purchased malt liquor, and the driver said it was for the passenger.
   So the driver was told he was under arrest for furnishing liquor to a minor. A vehicle search incident to the arrest revealed two six-packs, one partially opened and an open bottle of beer behind the driver's seat. Also found were two bags of green vegetable matter and a pipe. The passenger was also charged with possession of marijuana pending analysis. Both the driver and passenger were released at the scene and will be charged through investigation.
   March 11: At 5:15 a.m. a vandalism was reported at a complex in the 14200 block of northeast 181st Place. The suspect was an invited guest at an apartment. He was asked to leave by occupants. He was removed from the apartment and became enraged. He opened a folding blade knife and began pounding on the door with it. The knife closed and cut his right hand. This person then caused damage to the victim's vehicle by breaking off the outside mirrors and smashing the windshield with them. The suspect then left the scene in his own vehicle. Damage was in excess of $250. Police followed him, noticing erratic driving patterns. He was pulled over, taken into custody and transported to Evergreen Hospital Medical Center for treatment to the hand injury. He was processed for DUI after giving a blood sample. Vandalism charges are pending.
   March 10: At 9:09 a.m. a boat was reported stolen from the 17400 block of 131 Avenue Northeast. It is believed that the boat and trailer were taken from an unlocked parking lot. The boat was on a trailer and there was a cable and padlock securing them to a chain link fence. The suspect/s unbolted the loop in the cable and slid off the lock. Cable and lock were found on the ground. A friend of an employee at a neighboring business said that on the day previous he saw an early 90s, two-wheel drive, white long-bed Toyota pickup pulling away from the area in question with a white Seadoo and trailer matching the description of the ones stolen. The witness believes the time was between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. He didn't think the boat was being stolen so he didn't get the license number or notice the driver or the number of people in the truck. He did notice that the trailer lights were working and that the Toyota wasn't fancy; it didn't have a canopy. There is no further information at this time.
   March 9: Sometime between 1 and 1:30 p.m. an unknown suspect broke into a business in the 12600 bock of northeast Woodinville Drive and stole a computer mouse, mother board and speakers. The owner found the door had been kicked in on Friday however waited until Tuesday to report it because the most valuable items in the store were left untouched.
   In fact, the owner didn't know anything was taken until he conducted a full inventory. The deadbolt on the front door was not engaged because the owner was out to lunch. The knob was locked. When the owner returned from lunch he found damage to the door. No other tenants in the building reported seeing or hearing anything. No fingerprints were found due to time lapse and customer contamination. There is no suspect and no further information at this time.