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March 19, 2001

Local News

City Phone system experiencing difficulties

WOODINVILLE - City Hall offices moved last week without a hitch but is currently experiencing a phone system glitch. Prior to the move, staff researched costs of phone carrier companies, selecting a new Tier 1 (T-1) carrier as the lowest bidder who could accommodate the city's increased need for phone lines. Switching to a new carrier company has resulted in the forwarding of existing phone numbers. This is unfortunately not allowing all incoming phone calls to rollover onto the additional lines.
   "We realize the frustration this is causing our customers," notes Marie Stake communications coordinator, "and we are working with our new carrier to correct the problem by porting the old numbers over, thus eliminating forwarding of calls." Staff will work through the weekends to restore the system to full capacity and anticipates the system to be fully functional by Monday, March 26.
   In the meantime, the city is asking callers to be patient. The following cellular phone numbers and direct dial-in numbers are available for the public to call. Staff will forward messages to the appropriate person(s) for call back to the customer. Customers may forward requests to our general e-mail address HYPERLINK mailto:comments@ci. for a response.
   General numbers (206) 205-1400, (425) 877-2267, (206) 910-6679, (425) 877-2260; Planning Dept. (425) 877-2284; Parks and Rec. (425) 877-2286.