Northwest NEWS

March 19, 2001

Front Page

City honors hometown champs

The City Council had already kicked the idea around. But when a Woodinville resident e-mailed the city with a suggestion of honoring two hometown champions, the Council kicked the idea into motion.

All Fools' Day Parade Grand Marshals

UW Husky quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo and fullback Pat Conniff will serve as Parade Grand Marshals for Woodinville's annual All Fools' Day Parade and Basset Bash on Saturday, March 31.

When school-age children break the Fifth Commandment

Radio crackpots, newspaper pundits and para-news goobers are all pontificating about the Paducah/Columbine/Santee phenomena. Brokaw, Rather and that other guy have contributed to their sound bites to the dialog. Why even the Seattle PI had a "brain expert" weigh in.