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March 19, 2001

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Woodinville City Council honored hometown heroes Marques Tuiasosopo (1.) and Pat Conniff last week..
Photo by Photographic Essays.

City honors hometown champs

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   The City Council had already kicked the idea around. But when a Woodinville resident e-mailed the city with a suggestion of honoring two hometown champions, the Council kicked the idea into motion.
   University of Washington football stars Marques Tuiasosopo and Pat Conniff are two hometown champions who led their team to a 34-24 Rose Bowl victory on New Year's Day.
   Quarterback Tuiasosopo was voted player of the game after bringing the Huskies to the win over Purdue in Washington's first Rose Bowl game in eight years. Tuiasosopo, as well as fullback Conniff, did more than their part to carry the game to victory and to end the UW Husky season with an 11-1 record.
   Of course, Husky fans know this. But what many may not know is both players grew up in Woodinville and played football together at Leota Junior High and at Woodinville High School. Both graduated from Woodinville High in 1997.
   But back to the city's plan to honor the two UW seniors. With the details and date set, the city of Woodinville held a special presentation for Tuiasosopo and Conniff on Monday, March 12, at the Woodinville Council meeting. Council Chambers were festooned with balloons in UW purple and gold, and Woodinville High's green and white. The room was also brightened with plenty of Husky memorabilia.
   For refreshments, Tuiasosopo's family brought a cake and a City staff member provided her "to-die-for" sugar cookies in the shape of dog bones and topped with purple and gold frosting.
   But the main event was the two over-six-foot players. After a video of Husky highlights, Deputy Mayor Scott Hageman presented both men with the City's Certificate of Recognition and a brass Key to the City of Woodinville.
   "As a city, we're not only extremely proud of these two young men-we're thrilled to call them ours," said Deputy Mayor Hageman.
   The City honored the two Husky players for being positive role models, said Hageman.
   "Certainly their success on the field is part of it, but it's more than that," he said. "We couldn't pick better ambassadors to tell everybody else what great kids we have in Woodinville."
   Friends, fans, former coaches and families who turned out for the presentation would agree.
   But for Tuiasosopo and Conniff who signed autographs after the presentation in the light of flashing camera bulbs, their college football career is coming to a close. But their future? It's wide open.
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