Northwest NEWS

March 26, 2001


Parent Party Patrol meeting planned

Woodinville High School's community meeting on drugs and alcohol, "Evening For Our Kids," on March 7 was a huge success.
   We served a pizza dinner to over 100 people in the WHS cafeteria.The evening's program opened with David Scratchley, Ph.D., from Seattle University's Addiction Studies Program and Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center. He presented facts on the physiological and psychological effects of "club" drugs, GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol, and Ecstasy.
   These drugs are widely available at all-night dance parties called "raves," and other club, party and social settings. He briefly covered teen use of alcohol, inhalants, over-the-counter cold medications, nutmeg, lithium (from batteries), and Ephedrine. Used alone, often in large quantities, or in combination with alcohol, some teens have had extreme, even fatal, reactions to these substances.
   Jerry Blackburn, WHS Intervention/Prevention Specialist, provided national and state statistics on 8th and 12th graders use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, hallucinogens, and MDMA. The numbers for both groups are very consistent.
   He focused on enabling behavior actions, attitudes, or behaviors which protect the user from the consequences of their use. These include denying, justifying, ignoring, minimizing, waiting, protecting, avoiding, controlling, supplying and using with. Solutions include acknowledging the problem, attitudes, education, standards, silence, reality, and asking for guidance.
   By evening's end, parents were asking for more opportunities to learn about drug use and how to help their kids or their friends.
   With this in mind, the PTSA along with other community groups will explore ways to facilitate this.
   Thank-you to Jerry Blackburn, Diane Devine, and Sue White for organizing the meeting. Thanks also to police officers, Craig Phillips of Northshore Schools, Cole Kaplan from Woodinville Parks and Recreation, and the panel of parents and recovering students. A big thank-you to PTSA members who worked on the hospitality details. It was a team effort.
   Continuing our discussion of the consequences of substance abuse, WHS PTSA is presenting the Parent Party Patrol at our next general membership meeting on April 12 at 7 p.m. in the WHS library.
   As we head into the season of year-end parties, please join us to learn about teen behaviors, parent responsibility, and the huge issue of financial liability related to all of this.
   The meeting is open to parents and concerned citizens in our community who want to know more about the problem and possible solutions.
   For more information call Melissa Holmes at Woodinville High School (425) 489-6700.