Northwest NEWS

March 26, 2001


Another response to '20th No Vote'

In the Feb. 26 edition of the Valley View I read an opinion written by a man calling himself "The 20th No Vote" in reference to the Cedarcrest High School field bond and I wanted to express my feelings in the matter. I am an athlete.
   I have grown up in this valley for 10 years and am very proud of where I attend high school. My school keeps me informed and well educated and does its best to support me in what I do. What my school cannot do, without the help of community members, is provide a quality athletic complex for me.
   A few years ago I dreamed of playing in "The Wolf Den." Many field bonds have been proposed since then and one by one, year by year, they are struck down by only the slightest margin of votes. I am a junior now and I will never get to play on a field adorned with my high school name and colors. Never will I stand proud with my helmet at my side during a football game where, across the gridiron, the other team waits on my turf to do battle in front of my crowd in my stadium.
   My high school days are drawing to an end and I will be moving on to bigger and better things. My sole purpose in writing this letter is the hope that it will move Mr. "20th No Vote" and others like him to our side so that someday my little sister can play on the fields of my alma mater, the fields I never played on.
   That letter angered a lot of athletes at Cedarcrest. I, along with a few other lettermen (and women) have written in response, hoping to be published, so we can persuade our opponents. I close with this: We all live in the same community. Carnation and Duvall are just one town eight miles apart and I hope that everyone reading this will decide to support the dreams and aspirations of the athletes around them. The only thing we, the athletes, need is the vote of you and yours.
   Tony Stedman, CHS Red Wolf