Northwest NEWS

March 26, 2001


Dear voters of the Riverview School District:

I am writing this letter in support of the field bond on the May 17 ballot. The only high school in the Riverview School District, Cedarcrest, does not have any outdoor athletic facilities, and has not had a track or field for close to 10 years.
   It is time to rectify this omission. Middle and high school athletes are integral to every student's education.
   Sports create a sense of pride in our community. By continuing to deny our children the proper facilities, we deny them the opportunity to participate in sports.
   This costs them pride in their accomplishments and the joy to be found in working as a team toward a greater goal.
   As a homeowner and a parent, I urge you to vote yes for our kids by voting yes for fields.
   Bill Finkbeiner, State Senator 45th Legislative District