Northwest NEWS

March 26, 2001


Get your car washed and help a student ambassador

CARNATION - Joshuah Lisk, a 7th grader at Tolt Middle School, has been accepted into the national People to People Program.
   President Dwight D. Eisenhower developed this program in 1956 for students to travel to other countries and be student ambassadors. President Eisenhower's objective was to help bring the world closer together by sending students abroad to learn and study other cultures.
   Lisk will be visiting France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, representing the United States and Carnation. He will meet with other delegations and government officials on the trip.
   He is working very hard to pay his expenses. One of his fund-raising efforts includes a car wash on Saturday, March 31, from 1-4 p.m. at Bank of America in Carnation.
   He will be washing cars on a donation basis. The suggested donation is $3 per car and $5 per van or truck.