Northwest NEWS

March 26, 2001


And the winner is ...

by Bronwyn Wilson
   Senior Staff Reporter
   The City Council was down to a choice of four names. They had asked the public for input in selecting a name for the Executive Session Room at the new Woodinville City Hall.
   The name needed to reflect a Woodinville landmark known for its historical heritage or environmental tradition or presence in the city. Eight names were submitted. At the City Council meeting on March 19, the submissions were whittled to the final four: Squak, Teegarden, Calkins and Grace.
   These final four names hold historical significance to Woodinville. The "Squak" Slough was the river highway to Lake Washington and Seattle for early pioneers.
   The "Teegarden" Mercantile was located on NE Woodinville-Duvall Drive and was the place-to-be for socializing and doubled as the post office in the early 1900s.
   The third name, "Calkins," staked its place in Woodinville's history in 1893 when Arthur and Mary Calkins donated the land where the old Woodinville Schoolhouse sits.
   Last, the name "Grace" was submitted by Grace Mayor-for-life, Terry Jarvis, and by the city's entire population of 12. Grace straddles Highway 9 at the Sno-King County line and has been Woodinville's neighbor for over 100 years.
   In Grace, residents pride themselves in not taking life too seriously.
   Their motto: Grace is "where having fun is serious business."
   Their light-hearted spirit was reflected in the letters residents wrote to Woodinville's City Council asking for the council's consideration of naming the last unnamed room "Grace Chambers."
   One resident wrote: "Ever since I moved to Grace, where people do not ask embarrassing questions, I have wondered why there are no references in Woodinville to her famous neighbor to the north, the Town of Grace."
   The council narrowed its decision to "Grace" and "Calkins." After careful consideration, it was finally agreed among council members to name the Executive Session Room the "Calkins Room."
   The council members felt it was appropriate to recognize the donors of the land where the former City Hall and the current Community Center is located, a site that has played an important role in Woodinville's development.
   The Woodinville Historical Society submitted the chosen name.
   Said President Gladys Berry, "The Woodinville Historical Society was very happy to see that the conference room was named after the Calkins family who contributed the land for the school building in the early 1900s. We were very pleased with that."
   Though the City Council decided on the final name for their Executive Session Room, council members took another step and made an out-of-the-ordinary move.
   To honor their neighbor, the City of Grace, the council named their workroom "Grace, aka Graceland."
   In accepting the gesture, Mayor Jarvis said in Gracerian humor, "We accept your decision with Grace. Now we know you really do love us."
   Names already chosen for other conference rooms in the new building include: the Sammamish Room, Little Bear Creek Room, Derby Room and the Woodin Room.