Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001


Children are worthy of the very best the community has to offer

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our opinions in your paper. We have been both enlightened and sometimes discouraged as we have read our neighbors' views in past issues - most recently with all of the articles regarding the up-coming field bond. We thought perhaps this would be a good time to express all of our gratitude to Cherry Valley Elementary and the Riverview School District for the wonderful educational experience our children have enjoyed in the six years we have lived in Duvall. We plan on continuing to live here for years to come.
   We have had the opportunity to work with teachers who on a daily basis have shown compassion and sincere care with not just their students' educations, but with their day-to-day quality of life; teachers who take the time to write a positive comment on an assignment that gives that student an extra bit of confidence to stretch to the next level, that they may not have otherwise; teachers who re-arrange their teaching schedule so that a student from a previous year can come into the classroom to read a special book. (That is huge for a 1st grader.) It meant the world to that child; she was bursting with pride.
   We have also known counselors who meet after hours to brainstorm ways to get parents interested in special parenting classes that will directly and positively affect their children; principals who have taken the time to read to and then loan a book to a student who needs help making better choices on the playground; parents who volunteered many hours of their time to help build new play structures and re-paint blacktop areas; custodial and transportation employees who continually go above and beyond their job description to ensure the safety and welfare of our children . . . truly this list could go on.
   Some past letters warned parents to "get out while you can" in reference to our district. We prefer to stay and fight to bring about the needed improvements: fields, roofs, computers, etc. We owe it to our children to show them that things don't always come easily, but anything worth having is worth working for in any aspect of our lives.
   We feel sorry for the "20th No Vote" who has not had the opportunity to see first hand the quality of education that is offered here at Riverview.
   We wish he could witness the constant effort given to character building, and enthusiasm for education that we see demonstrated by teachers in our public school system every day. A well-rounded education is so much more than reading and writing. It is also about equipping our children with the tools they will need to shape their lives and attain their goals and dreams in whatever field they choose. And if given the choice, I would bet that many a Riverview student would be happy to "pick up a shovel" time and time again, in order to bring about the needed facilities for their school. But we must first give them that opportunity.
   In closing I hope this letter may encourage some of you to take a moment and be reminded of all the times you and your children have benefited from being a part of this district and this community, and take every opportunity to share the "positives" with your neighbors. I think we could all use a little more good news in our newspapers, and each of us can contribute to this.
   Thanks to so many of you in the community who have given of your time and energy through your volunteer efforts, reading in the classroom, participating in committees/meetings, making flyers, speaking at school board meetings, etc. to prove to our children that they are worthy of the very best our community has to offer. From what my family has experienced here, your time has not been spent in vain.
   The Christensen family, Duvall