Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001


CHS has a strong sense of community commitment, dedication

I am writing in response to "Money should go to Academics" in the March 12 issue. I am appalled at the lack of support and dislike that the writer shows for Cedarcrest High School (CHS). I am also frustrated at the ignorance of basic facts concerning CHS.
   First, they complain that the money spent on "begging for the Yes vote" should be put toward academics. The bond is not for academics, it is for a sports field. Why should academics be mentioned when the bond does not concern it?
   Next, they contradict themselves, when they say that there "is not an overwhelming support for the stadium." This is after stating that "thousands of dollars" were spent "begging for the Yes vote." Obviously there is support, because thousands of dollars were spent by many advocates who donated their personal time.
   I am a student at Cedarcrest High School and an athlete, and I fully support the Athletic Field Bond.
   When the field is finally built I will not have to drive 40 minutes, to Woodinville High School, twice a week for practice. Plus CHS will not have to pay $30 an hour to WHS so that my teammates and I can have the privilege of practicing on a real track.
   Finally, I need to comment on the writer's incompetent protest against our school being in the KingCo 3A League. This is not an arbitrary decision. CHS is a KingCo 3A school because of the number of students enrolled.
   Our school's athletics are improving each year, and yes a field will help by providing a safe and competitive place for us to practice. All of our teams may not be winning championships, but not many schools have that satisfaction.
   And, we are not asking for a new gym for our boys basketball team. We are asking for a football/soccer field, a track and a stadium.
   Morale is not bad at Cedarcrest. Every student, teacher and coach was put down when that was said. Compared to the stories I hear in the news, CHS has a strong sense of community, commitment and dedication that attributes to our high morale.
   Kelly Ramirez, Cedarcrest High School student, athlete, and community member, Duvall