Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001


Voter has changed her mind

Since I've expressed my opposition to paying for the athletic fields near Cedarcrest High School a few years ago, I think it only fair to say I intend to vote for the new bond issue.
   For one thing, school officials are scaling down the pie-in-the-sky $9 million field to a more reasonable $3.25 million. Another reason is that due to the growth in the area, there will be more demand for its use as well as more property taxpayers chipping in. Much as energy costs and taxes have gone up in this past year, our family is doing a little better now job-wise than it was a few years ago, how about you folks? Transporting kids some distances for practices and games carries some risks I'd like to see minimized.
   I've never seen the animosity some have talked about between Carnation and Duvall. We live in Duvall, our kids have gone to schools in both towns and we go to church in Carnation. Both towns are equally charming to live in, but let's keep it a secret from the city folks in Bellevue, shall we? If the roofs are leaking, they need to be fixed. I've attended plays in Performing Arts Center and as hard as those kids practice and work for their terrific shows, it seems rather stingy not to finish the curtains and lights. And finally, I have heard some pretty passionate and well-reasoned pleas from the students. I never could withstand the continued requests from good kids for a worthwhile cause. I plan on voting to approve the new bond issue May 15 and encourage others in our community to do the same.
   Susan Wolf, Duvall