Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001


Salmon-friendly car wash for Eco Day

by Bronwyn Wilson
   If a car is washed in the driveway, the soapy run-off travels into storm drains, then to the nearest stream, wetland or lake. Although the sparkling clean car gleams in the sunlight, the salmon may have soapsuds, antifreeze and oil to contend with as a result. However, Woodinville High School's Marketing Club would like residents in the area to know there's another way to wash your car and help the salmon out. In honor of Eco Day on Saturday, April 7, the club will hold an earth-friendly car wash at the new Woodinville City Hall. According to Woodinville High senior Noelani Donlin who is volunteer coordinator for the club, the soapy water run-off at their car wash will not go into the storm drain. They will have a water re-cycler on hand to catch the water before it goes into the storm drain, enabling them to re-use it.
   "The whole purpose of Eco Day is to heighten the awareness of lowering the waste stream reduction in our community," said Donlin.
   At the car wash, the club will also sell compost and worm bins and pass out literature on water conservation. In addition, the students will give away birdhouses. "To the first 36 kids who want one," said Donlin. The idea of the ecological car wash began when the Marketing Club hoped to do something for the environment and the community and called the city's Volunteer Coordinator, John Markuson, who helped them organize the earth-friendly event for Eco Day. For the student's car washing service, donations will be accepted. The proceeds will go toward the purchase of tools for the city's plant squad which many club members are a part of. Donlin explained that Marketing Club members have a goal to participate in community service as part of their membership in the club.
   "It's part of giving back to the community, and because we're a Marketing Club that's our focus," said Donlin.
   Car wash hours are 10 a.m. to 4 pm. Soap will be provided by Woodinville Texaco.