Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001


Adopt a park work party

by Terry Lavender
   Water Tenders
   Join Water Tenders Saturday, April 7, for some great fun picking up litter and cutting scotch broom. You will also get to visit several of the properties purchased to protect Bear Creek and learn where these special places are so you can visit on your own at other times.
   Participants will meet at the Upper Bear Creek Conservation Area off Paradise Lake Road at 9:30 a.m. Plan on two to three hours work and bring gloves, clippers, drinking water and any snack you may want. Wear grubbies and boots, as some areas are a little muddy. Head north on Paradise Lake Road from the Woodinville Duvall Road to 190th and Paradise Lake Estates. Park on the wide shoulder on the west side of the road. You will see the park signs and gate on the other side of the road.
   Water Tenders have adopted a total of seven sites and will go to three or four that morning. They include this 40-acre property, one 80- acre and one 5-acre piece north of this, Daniel's Creek Park, Cold Creek Natural Area, Basset Pond Park off of 165th and 11 acres south of where the Tolt Pipeline Trail crosses Bear Creek. There is also a new piece off of Cold Creek that the group has not visited before. They do this a couple of times of the year as a group and two or three more times as individuals who walk particular sites and report back. All the work is reported to King County Parks and any issues or concerns are relayed to them. Our efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in problems (parties, dumping, etc.) at each site over the years.
   Call Terry Lavender at (425) 788-2304 if you have questions. The Indian Plum and salmon berries are starting to bloom and the birds are very busy so it should be a good time to visit Bear Creek.