Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001



From The Fire Chief

To the Citizens of Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District.
   I would like to take this opportunity to "thank" the citizens of our District for their support and funding, to provide for not only the professional, dedicated staff of individuals employed by our department, but the necessary equipment to support our emergency response personnel. As our District expands in both population and numbers of residential and commercial buildings, the demand for emergency services provided to our citizens and business community continues to grow. Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District stands prepared to meet this challenge of providing the best possible services for the least amount of tax dollars possible. Many of you have read about the Medic One service that has been provided by Evergreen Hospital and the issue of funding for this program. I feel it is important to assure our citizens, that the Fire Chiefs are working towards bringing the Medic One service into the fire departments and continue to provide a high level of quality Advanced Life Support services to our communities. We are committed to assuring that this life saving service will remain available to our citizens; our goal is to complete the plan by August to transition this service to the fire departments. We anticipate completing the new headquarters in downtown Woodinville by May. The relocation of this station will enable us to provide better emergency response times to a larger portion of the Fire District. We have sold our current station located in the industrial area of Woodinville, but will continue to utilize this station until the new station is complete. We are planning an open house in early summer and hope you and your children will have an opportunity to see our new station. Of course, you are always invited to stop by any of our stations for a tour and/or to visit our personnel. These are YOUR fire stations and our personnel enjoy showing you and your children around. We are proud of our group of young adults involved in the Explorer Post sponsored by the Fire District. They continue to provide services in community activities and to the District. If you have a young adult between the ages of 14 and 21 interested in joining our Explorers, please contact Public Educator Dave Leggett at extension 3232. The Northeast Vocational Area Cooperative (NEVAC) is a cooperative program between Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts and Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District to provide a vocational program to high school students interested in a fire service career. This has been a very successful program for several years. It provides a career path training for junior and senior high school students. If you are interested in this program, see your high school councilor or contact Public Educator Dave Leggett. If you have any questions about the Fire District or wish to discuss any issues with me, please contact me at (425) 483-2131 or E-mail me at