Northwest NEWS

April 2, 2001

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Draft Street Plan presented at special Council meeting

   At a special Bothell City Council meeting on March 26, Citywide Street Plan consultants and city staff presented a draft street plan to the Council and citizens. The Draft Street Plan was compiled based on continued research, evaluation and public input.
   Subsequent to the presentation, the City Council voted 4-3 opposing a motion to remove a proposed connection between 242nd Street SE and Bothell-Everett Highway (State Rte. 527) at that time. Opposing council members acknowledged the audience comments presented on this proposed connection and discussed their reasons for not supporting the motion, which included the desire for additional review time of the draft street plan; the need for supporting data from a traffic modeling evaluation; the desire to ensure that decisions that are made on the Citywide Street Plan are sustainable in the future.
   "It's important to understand that this is strictly a draft and none of these proposed elements are funded which means work cannot begin until a formal plan is adopted and individual projects funded," said Public Works Director Dave Zabell. "This is a lengthy process and we appreciate all the input we are receiving from concerned citizens we continue to encourage participation throughout this project."
   An estimated 200 citizens attended the special meeting at the Northshore Senior Center with approximately 25 citizens providing public comments about the street plan.
   In 2000 the City Council and city staff identified a Citywide Street Plan as a critical and compellintg project meriting immediate attention. A Community Outreach Committee consisting of citizens interested in sharing street plan information and updates with their neighbors was formed. The committee working with city staff is reponsible for notifying its neighbors of upcoming meetings and any street plan updates.
   Last fall the city retained the transportation and land use planning firm of Bucher, Willis & Ratliff to develop recommendations for a Citywide Street Plan. The City Council will utilize the consultants' recommendation along with other factors in its consideration for the plan's final adoption.
   To be added to the Citywide Street Plan mailing list, call Bothell Public Works Transportation Division at (425) 486-2768.