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April 2, 2001

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Barb Baily, owner of C.C. Espresso, and Employee Cory Heston accept this year's Youth Friendly Award from T.A.F.T. secratary Marc Ballard, a cedarcrest freshman; T.A.F.T. President Nikki Canady, A Cedercrest senior and T.A.F.T. Vice President Patty McGee, a cedercrest junior.
Photo by Abbie Ostrem.


Valley Mailbox owners Dean and Susan Aaron with their Helping Hand Award.
Photo by Abbie Ostrem.

Youth-friendly businesses receive awards

by Valley View staff
   When a group of local teenagers first got together to talk about what they needed in the way of recreational facilities in the Lower Valley, they decided their first goal was to have a skateboard park. It took over three years of effort, but now the facility is on its way to reality in the town of Carnation.
   In the meantime, the youngsters continued to try to create more youth-oriented activities. They eventually developed into the T.A.F.T. (Teens Acting for Tomorrow) Youth Council, dedicated to improving the lives of youth in the Valley.
   They now do leadership activities, community service, hold a talent show and host dances.
   The group, over the last couple of years, also noticed that quite a few local businesses were not treating youngsters well. So they decided to recognize businesses twice a year that were friendly to youth, one business in Duvall and the other in Carnation. The youngsters visit various businesses in town throughout the year. Youth-friendly businesses receive framed plaques created by T.A.F.T. President Nikki Canady, a Cedarcrest senior.
   C.C. Espresso in Duvall is the most recent recipient of the Youth Friendly Business Award.
   "C.C. has youth working there and not only do youngsters enjoy going there, but Barb Baily, the owner, is one of the few business owners in town who actually initiated support for the group's talent show," said Casey Witman, Lower Valley Youth Programs coordinator. "She came to us to offer help. She is very supportive of youth, very kind to kids."
   Her shop, Baily's Country Cupboard, at the back of C.C.'s, donated candy and a gift assortment as prizes for the T.A.F.T. talent show.
   The plaque, presented on March 20, reads "Presented to C.C. Espresso by the T.A.F.T. Youth Council for your superior service to the youth in the Carnation and Duvall areas. You have set and kept a standard for all businesses to look to when dealing with our youth."
   Baily said the award was "awesome."
   "Thank you guys," she said. "This is cool."
   T.A.F.T. has also added a new award this year. The Helping Hand Award goes to a business that helps out youth, but is not primarily a youth-oriented business a business that youth don't necessarity visit, but one in which youth get treated well.
   The award, going to Valley Mailbox in Duvall, is for in-kind donations given by the business: printed business cards for officers free of charge, printed fliers, brochures, certificates, programs for the talent show and agendas for free or at a reduced charge.
   The plaque reads that Valley Mailbox was honored "for providing excellent service to the T.A.F.T. Youth Council. Your business has helped our council grow and helped our community. Without you, T.A.F.T. would not be what it is today. Thank you."
   The teens said the business donated free computer time to council members, who came to Valley Mailbox when they needed to do things on the computer that required graphics. The owners, Susan and Dean Aaron, actually taught Nikki how to use numerous pieces of machinery in the shop, such as copiers and computer programs.
   "They have been willing to spend time with Nikki," said Witman. "They've been welcoming and supportive of youth."
   Susan Aaron said she and her husband actually tried to hire Nikki, "but we were unsuccessful."
   Valley Mailbox has been in Duvall for eight years. They have the only color copier in the Valley.
   Canady presented the award and thanked the couple for all their support.
   "We're very happy to get the award," said Susan Aaron.
   The T.A.F.T. Youth Council meets the first and third Tuesday evenings of the month. The council boasts 25 on the roster with 10 active members.
   The talent show is a July event, the same weekend as Sandblast. The top three winners last year performed on the Sandblast stage. For information on T.A.F.T., call (425) 844-9669, ext. 100.