Northwest NEWS

April 9, 2001


Writer will run in the morning but not for office

I thought I would begin a life in politics. Since six of seven Woodinville City Council seats are coming up for election, I have what I, of course, think are some good ideas about this town's future regarding growth, traffic, city planning and management, etc. I am raising my family here on Hollywood Hill and we treasure the small town environment we enjoy in this community.
   I'm ready to give of my time for the enhancement of this quality of life. This will be a worthwhile investment. I'm going to seek election and bring a concerned conservative voice to the new (and by the way beautiful) council chambers of our young city.
   But wait, I live outside the city limits. I can't apply for a council position. I live here, I work here, I shop, my tax dollars support Woodinville schools and community services but I am not eligible to participate in the inner workings of our government.
   Nor are probably 75 percent of the population who call Woodinville their home.
   Take a good look at the map. There is something wrong with this picture.
   The fact that our home is closer to city hall than probably 45 percent of those homes housing eligible potential candidates carries no weight, I live outside the lines and this disqualifies me.
   This gives the term "city limits" a whole new meaning and my concern is now that they are, in this case, just that - limitations on the pool of talent and ability from which our town might draw for its benefit.
   Surely there must be a more intelligent political process. This will be one for all you eligible candidates to take up as you enter office.
   As for me, I am not planning to move downtown to further my political aspirations and will probably just continue to run in the mornings.
   But, alas, I will not run for a seat on the council.
   Peter Storaasli, Woodinville