Northwest NEWS

April 9, 2001


The gun didn't fire itself; the TV didn't turn itself on

I just finished reading the article titled "There's no Band-Aid big enough for these problems" in the Woodinville Weekly of March 26, 2001.
   It always amazes me how the same professionals say the same thing about the same problem. Learning needs to start in the home. As adults we need to come to grips with the things that initiate our violent nature.
   We need to be accountable for our actions and be role models for our own kids as well as the kids in the community.
   Parenting comes first regardless of the reactions of the kids. It is good to be friends with your kids but that should be secondary to parenting.
   Many may scoff at these statements. These aren't just idle statements; they come from 63 years of experience as a kid, parent, grandparent and one who has worked with kids. I don't have any fancy certificate on my wall that says I graduated from some fancy college with a fancy degree.
   It comes from common sense and the part that God plays in my life and how the wife and I brought up our kids. We held our kids accountable for everything they did, their speech, their actions, their grades, their attitudes and most of all their love for each other and the family.
   I can hear some of your readers saying, "Here is the God thing again." Well, maybe they need to hear it more often.
   I think it is time for our community and society to take a real good look at the direction we are headed in.
   It seems like everything that society has done and is doing today is taking the nation and the world in the wrong direction. We don't obey the speed limits, we display road rage, we cheat on our income tax, and we don't care about our neighbors or others.
   Society puts the blame on guns, videos, TV and any other items that will take the blame off their shoulders. When are we going to take responsibility for the role we play in the big picture?
   The gun didn't fire itself. The TV didn't turn itself on and neither did the video jump in the VCR by itself.
   I disagreed with the title "There's no Band-Aid big enough for these problems." Society is looking in the wrong medicine cabinet. Try looking into God's cabinet. He has a Band-Aid for all things if we only take time to unwrap it.
   Richard J. Primo, Woodinville