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April 9, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Guest Editorial: Save water now for summer use

*In response to the low snowpack and lower-than-normal reservoir levels, Seattle Public Utilities and its purveyor partners have now moved from the Advisory Stage (Stage 1) into the Voluntary Stage (Stage 2) of their Water Shortage Contingency Plans.

Writer will run in the morning but not for office

*I thought I would begin a life in politics. Since six of seven Woodinville City Council seats are coming up for election, I have what I, of course, think are some good ideas about this town's future regarding growth, traffic, city planning and management, etc.

Kids in other countries are not shooting each other

*Thanks for a well balanced and solution- oriented article on kids and school violence, There's no Band-Aid big enough for these problems (March 26).

The gun didn't fire itself; the TV didn't turn itself on

*I just finished reading the article titled "There's no Band-Aid big enough for these problems" in the Woodinville Weekly of March 26, 2001.

>Those who stay are faced with destruction, loss

*In response to "Landowner and developers are not the problem," in my opinion, someone who within six months of moving into his house, posted signs that read "save human babies not fish,"

A change in light timing would clear up traffic problem

*I sent this letter to State Representative John Lovick regarding a problem intersection. I would like to bring this suggestion to the community as well.

What was good enough decades ago is substandard today

*Sadly, the letter titled "Money should go to academics" exemplifies the mentality from years past which appears to persistently plague the community.

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