Northwest NEWS

April 9, 2001


Bothell campus takes steps to conserve energy

   Actions by the University of Washington, Bothell and Cascadia Community College have been taken to reduce energy consumption in buildings and garages around the campus as mandated by the final draft of the Governor's Energy Savings Request to State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Learning.
   Specifically, the following measures have been instituted campus-wide since late January. The top three levels of lighting in UWB's south garage have been turned off, with the exception of safety stairway lighting, a savings of 14,650 watts an hour. North garage lighting schedules have been modified to save of 4,000 watts an hour.
   Modification and reduction of lighting in the library, elevators, and other internal lighting sources have been instituted. For example, the library has reduced its energy use by 10,000 watts an hour.
   A two-degree reduction in heating temperature has been mandated campus-wide. Thermostats are now set at 68 degrees.
   Elevators campus-wide have had car lamp changes using compact fluorescents from 440 watts each to 64 watts each, (7 elevators), which brings a total energy savings of 2,632 watts an hour.
   Tighter scheduling of daily occupancy schedules of all buildings has been adhered to in order to further reduce energy use.
   Cascadia Community College is closed on Sundays, with most of the institutions energy sources turned off.
   For more information about UWB/CCC's energy reduction measures, call Scott Grindy, manager, Physical Plant Services, at 352-5426.