Northwest NEWS

April 9, 2001

Home & Garden

Community garden planned for Hopelink in Carnation

CARNATION­Hopelink recognizes community gardening demonstration (CGD) as a valuable educational activity that can contribute to community development, environmental awareness, positive social interaction and community education.
   CGD is committed to making fresh, quality produce available to the citizens of all income levels in Sno-Valley. This will be achieved through scholarship shares, working shares and incorporation of job skills training through the CGD. In addition to all its other benefits, CGD can greatly enhance community food security empowering low income people to be more involved in and have more control over their own food supply.
   CGD's mission is to help develop a sustainable food system in the Snoqualmie Valley region through creation of a community gardening demonstration plot in Carnation, working with the city, farms, people and businesses and hands-on educational demonstrations to teach Hopelink clients and citizens how to create a vegetable garden at home. These classes will be taught by expert gardeners/farmers and will be provided without charge. Call 333-4163 for information.