Northwest NEWS

April 16, 2001


One vote does make a difference

I am a 13-year-old 7th grader and I currently attend Tolt Middle School, home of the Thunderbirds.
   Most of you may know me as a 3.8 GPA average student that attends Tolt Middle School, but some of you may also know me as an athlete that loves soccer and is going on her ninth year of playing soccer. I currently play on a select soccer team, which consists of players from Snoqualmie Middle School and Chief Kanim Middle School. Both schools have a field of their own on which to play soccer, football, and track.
   I honestly believe that Tolt Middle School is the only middle school that does not have an athletic facility, which not only holds me back but the other six girls on my soccer team, with whom I go to school and would love to play soccer.
   All these girls are being held back from their dream of excelling in soccer and playing for their Middle School, just because Cedarcrest High School does not have a field of their own and they have to use ours . . . Now we don't get soccer period? Is it just me, or does this seem unfair to you also? (Um . . . just a little bit.)
   I am not only going to help to support the vote for fields in May, I am going to try to get all of you to help me get the stadium our community really needs.
   Many of my friends are involved in school sports such as track, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, and cross-country. I know that my school Leadership Board is doing as much as possible to make this pass, not only for themselves, but for many of your kids, friends, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and many others who will be able to enjoy a field that belongs to their school.
   there is absolutely nothing more exciting than when your first goal or touchdown is scored on your school field, your turf, your pride and joy, where you were brought up and taught to walk.
   So when you get a ballot to place your vote, you just take a moment to think of all those athletes and future athletes that will benefit or not from your decision, because your one vote does make a difference.
   Nikki Pratto, TMS Thunderbird