Northwest NEWS

April 16, 2001


City of Bothell exceeds governor's energy savings goal

   During this energy crisis time, the City of Bothell is putting forth major efforts to decrease its energy use in all city facilities.
   In response to Gov. Gary Locke's "Energy Supply Alert" earlier this year requesting "all state, county, city, town and other governmental agencies in Washington take all measures necessary and advisable to decrease total electricity and natural gas use in buildings and offices by 10 per cent," the city of Bothell is proud to announce its overall savings of more than 12 per cent reduction in energy usage.
   "Over the past several weeks, city staff has done a tremendous job with energy- saving efforts," said City Manager Jim Thompson.
   City of Bothell Public Works Director Dave Zabell adds, "Between optimizing building operations to updating our major heating and cooling systems, to individual staff efforts, it goes to show a little goes a long way."
   The city has taken various steps to conserve in its facilities such as:
   Using a light meter to identify unnecessary light fixtures.
   Updating and balancing the heating/ventilation/air conditioning system.
   Installing motion sensors in restrooms to turn lights on and off.
   Using a weather station throughout city parks that is designed to optimize the amount of water used for irrigation, based on the various weather conditions.
   Using photo lighting cells throughout city parks that maintain low light in darker areas.
   Ensuring that all unnecessary equipment, including computers, is turned off after hours.
   Reducing all thermostats during peak and nonpeak hours.
   To learn more about conservation, contact the Energy Ideas Clearinghouse at 800-872-3568 or click on