Northwest NEWS

April 16, 2001

Front Page

Students push for voter approval

DUVALL‹Dozens of Cedarcrest High School students got together on a recent Saturday to create two mini-athletic fields near Duvall and Carnation in hopes of encouraging residents to vote for Proposition One on May 15.

Consortium tackles Medic One biz plan

Last December, Andrew Fallat, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center's chief executive officer, was in a twist because the Medic One program that Evergreen sponsors was losing money.

Offering aid and comfort

Kody, Boomer, Rusty, Taylor, Scooter, Ringo and Elli Jay are all members of an elite group. Specially trained and certified, they are the cream of the crop and masters at their craft. This is a group of highly experienced canines that possess the necessary credentials to work in the field of animal-assisted therapy.