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April 23, 2001


Letters to the Editor

City boundaries will remain where they are for the next 5 to 10 years

*I read Peter Storaasli's letter to the editor with great interest. In it he complains that although he lives in Woodinville, he doesn't live within the city limits and so can't run for City Council or vote on city-specific issues.

Churches should bring compassion, diversity and justice to community

*I want to express my appreciation for the good article Jeanette Knutson wrote about the Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church (Vision + Action = New Church Home, March 11).

Writer couldn't stop smiling at the Basset Bash

*I attended my first Basset Bash two weeks ago. That might seem strange since as a child and teenager I had two basset hounds as pets and have lived nearby in Renton almost all my life.

Single Parent Day Celebration was a success

*On behalf of the Northshore YMCA Single Parent Family Program, I would like to thank each of the volunteers who worked tirelessly on behalf of single parent families during our Second Annual National Single Parent Day Celebration.

>Trip was truly memorable

*We would like to thank Coach Doug Hall, Marty Amador, and Scott Goldsberry for taking the CHS baseball team to Las Vegas.

Schools should provide wrestling program for girls

*As the mother of three daughters, I appreciate very much that a recent writer is attempting to raise a son who will grow up to be a man who can control his impulses, channel his energies into productive uses and be respectful towards women.

Mother wants her daughter to have space to grow and the opportunity to learn her limits

*I asked myself whether boys wrestling girls is intuitively wrong, and my answer is no. In fact, the only question I have is where has the writer been the last 30 years? I'm sorry if her adolescent son, in the throes of his growing awareness of his sexuality and impending manhood, unchanneled physical energy and strength, doesn't want to wrestle a girl. Maybe he should find a new sport.

Let's give all athletes the respect they deserve

*This letter is in response to the mother who wishes parents to be responsible and keep girls out of the sport of wrestling. As a mother of four boys (the oldest being in college) I am well aware of the writer's concerns. However, allow me to respectfully disagree.

One vote does make a difference

*I am a 13-year-old 7th grader and I currently attend Tolt Middle School, home of the Thunderbirds.

Guest opinion

*There are, quite literally, prisons, business parks, communities smaller and, of course, larger, than ours with safer, drier, more structurally sound buildings and, in some cases, auditoriums and athletic fields that would be considered improvements to our facilities.
   These are the facts.

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