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April 23, 2001

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'Roundabout' chosen as Seattle's Best Original Pop Band

Duvall musical group wins trip to L.A.
   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   From Duvall to L.A. The four members of "Roundabout," a local rock band, never dreamed it could get so good.
   And it just keeps getting better. Last month, the band was in the spotlight in Seattle after being chosen among 35 entrants as "Seattle's Best Original Pop Band." The honor earned them a trip to Los Angeles, courtesy of Alaska Airlines, to attend the premier of Universal Pictures' "Josie and The Pussycats."
   So, after being the center of attention in Seattle's music scene, it was on to L.A. where they were taken to the theater in a limousine.
   "It was wild," said Roundabout manager Don Bazemore. "The boys were the focus of attention for the first half-hour because there were no other bands there."
   He said the band members went to the theater party afterwards where they met producers and "hung out with the stars." The group was also able to spend the day with "Yes," an English pop band from the 70s and 80s.
   "It was definitely a happening scene," said Bazemore, who added that, although the band members never dreamed early on that they would be so successful, he (Bazemore) always did.
   "I always felt the band should do this big-time," he said. "I never wanted to cut corners. I kept the vision of them being big and going worldwide. I encouraged them to feel like stars. That kept them practicing even when they didn't have a gig."
   The amateur band is comprised of three former Cedarcrest High School students Mike Rapson, Tim Borquez and Brandon Bazemore, and one current Cedarcrest senior, Devin Bazemore. Tim and Brandon are currently UW students and Mike works at a local restaurant. The band, which plays all original music, has been together for two years. They recently played at Ground Zero, The Firehouse and last year at the Carnation Fourth of July celebration. They came in second at the recent Cedarcrest Battle of the Bands, winning a mixing board from Mackie Electronics.
   The Seattle contest also earned them new equipment from Fender Guitar and the opportunity to play at the Seattle premiere of "Josie and The Pussycats" on April 5 at the Oak Tree Cinemas.
   The Seattle contest judges, Janet Wainwright for Universal Pictures, Marc Jones and Marcus D from KBKS Radio, Jessica Kaufman of Nordstrom Special Events and Gene Stout, music critic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, felt that Roundabout represented the positive spirit, creativity and authenticity that is a hallmark of the Seattle music scene.
   "The music's originality and high energy made them the natural choice," said KBKS music director Marcus D.
   At the Seattle premiere, the band performed "Can I Keep You?," the song that won the band first place honors in the local "Josie and The Pussycats" contest.
   For those in the know, the band's music covers the rock tradition of Tom Petty, the acoustic flavorings of Dave Mathews and the pulsing rhythms of Third Eye Blind.
   "As far as the name of the band, we were fans of 'Yes'," explained Devin Bazemore. "One of their coolest songs is 'Roundabout,' and we thought that would be a great name for a band especially since our style is tough to pinpoint."
   The band is doing a final mixing on a CD due to be released May 30.
   "The band has great momentum now," said Don Bazemore. "On the CD, they just need to land a distribution deal."
   The band will be playing at the Battle of the Bands on May 26 at Newport High School and at Ground Zero on June 23. For other upcoming shows, visit the band's web site at
   Bazemore said they continue to work to keep in the music "loop."
   Part of that effort was a trip he and the band made to Santa Barbara last week to meet again with "Yes." They were able to spend some extra time with "Yes" drummer Alan White, who had been the drummer for John Lennon's solo albums.
   "We are all very excited about what's happened," said Bazemore.