Northwest NEWS

April 23, 2001

Front Page

Community show features all-ages entertainment

by Carolyn Butler
   Duvall Arts Commission
   DUVALL - When Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney said, "Let's put on a show," they reflected the passion of performing artists everywhere. So it came naturally to supporters of the Riverview School District's May 15 bond issue to "put on a show" for the entire community.
   The combined bond issue includes $225,000 to complete the theater at Cedarcrest High School. Passage of the bond means that homemade curtains will be replaced with theatrical draperies, unsafe electrical connections will be corrected and much-needed storage space will eliminate the storage of scenery, props, costumes and painting supplies on the stage itself.
   In the spirit of actors, singers and dancers everywhere, students have raised funds through candy bar sales over the past seven years to purchase lighting instruments, fabric for curtains and other improvements to what was basically an empty shell when Cedarcrest High School first opened. But candy bar sales alone can't do it. It's time for all of us to help make our only community performance space complete.
   On Sunday, May 6, a free Community Open House at Cedarcrest hosts entertainment by and for all ages. At 2 p.m., versatile children's entertainer, Linda Severt, kicks off the afternoon with her unique blend of juggling, puppetry and silly acrobatics. Always original, always entertaining, Linda provides a wonderful mix of comedy and participation for young children and their families.
   The balance of the day's programming features Riverview's music, choir and drama students, including the Carnation Elementary Orchestra. Dancers from TJ Dance Studio will showcase their talents between acts. In the Commons area, students and representatives of the Riverview Schools Committee will be available to provide information about the bond issue. This is an opportunity for residents to see first-hand what a valued and well-used school and community resource the Cedarcrest Performing Arts Center is. Come for an hour or stay all day. For more information, call (425) 788-2983.