Northwest NEWS

April 30, 2001


Next Plant Squad work party set for May 26

This is a note of heartfelt thanks to the group of over 40 teens who worked recently at the new City Hall for Eco Day.
   Your efforts in promoting good care of the environment raised over $640 for Woodinville's Plant Squad.
   Thanks to your hard work we will be able to purchase tools to help with our stewardship along the Sammamish River Trail. Not only has your hard work made our work easier, but it proves once again that much good comes from working together. Your acts of service to the community and of care for the earth are most commendable!
   Very special thanks are due to Noelani Donlin for her fine work in organizing this event with her fellow Woodinville High School DECA students.
   Also, I would like to invite everyone - children, youth and adults - to consider joining a Plant Squad work party in the coming months. Sponsored by the city of Woodinville, we meet every month on the fourth Sunday at Wilmot Gateway Park for two hours of work on the plantings along the trail.
   It is always a fun and rewarding event. If you would like to join us for the May 26th work party, please call me at (425) 806-9171 for details.
   Laura Baerwolf, Woodinville's Plant Squad