Northwest NEWS

April 30, 2001


Councilmember is commended for responsiveness

Councilmember Louise Miller is to be commended for her responsiveness to her constituents' needs.
   In December, I sent an e-mail to Councilmember Miller, requesting she have King County's Department of Transportation investigate improving the intersection of W. Snoqualmie Valley Road and NE 124th Street. With the steady stream of cars going south on W. Snoqualmie Valley Road, morning traffic on NE 124th can back up to the bridge. Councilmember Miller promptly responded to my e-mail, and convinced the DOT to install a traffic signal this year rather than wait until 2002 as originally planned.
   Later in 2002, a right-turn lane on NE 124th will be added for cars turning onto W. Snoqualmie Valley Road, which should further mitigate the wait at that intersection. Councilmember Miller understands local matters are what concern her constituents most.
   Michael J. Fisette, Carnation