Northwest NEWS

April 30, 2001


Theater is well worth the investment

I am writing in support of the Special Election for Riverview Schools May 15, 2001. We all realize that school buildings need regular maintenance; however, replacing school roofs and providing structural repair are serious basic needs that can't be ignored for the safety of our children.
   Physical Education, sports activities and adequate facilities go hand-in-hand. Young people are our greatest asset and deserve the opportunity and encouragement to participate in positive, healthy activities.
   As a former music teacher and member of state and local art commissions, I know the immeasurable value the arts contribute to not only our communities but to the education of children.
   The Theater at Cedarcrest High School is a good example of a multi-use facility used for the benefit of the community and school programs. The Theater is well worth our investment and will provide many opportunities for arts programs for both the community and our students.
   Louise Miller, Councilmember, Metropolitan King County Council, District 3