Northwest NEWS

April 30, 2001


Family supports the burn ban on Hollywood Hill

I want to express my family's support for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's (PSCAA) extension of the permanent burn ban to include areas of Woodinville and, in particular, Hollywood Hill.
   We moved to the Woodinville area two years ago seeking the most precious and healthful resources the Pacific Northwest had to offer: clean air and clear skies.
   As the PSCAA states, and as environmentally conscious citizens will support, there are clean alternatives to outdoor burning such as mulching and composting. That is the direction in which we as a society need to proceed.
   Overturning the burn ban as some residents are apparently trying to do would be a harmful and regressive move for which future generations will dearly pay.
   Please join me in supporting the PSCAA and their successful efforts toward making Woodinville and Hollywood Hill cleaner and healthier places in which to live.
   James Reinholdt, Hollywood Hill resident