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April 30, 2001


Letters to the Editor

Writer supports a girls' wrestling team

*A key sentence in my April 3 letter regarding girls wrestling boys was left out. The sentence was "Parents of female wrestlers could form a girls wrestling team."

Next Plant Squad work party set for May 26

*This is a note of heartfelt thanks to the group of over 40 teens who worked recently at the new City Hall for Eco Day.

Councilmember is commended for responsiveness

*Councilmember Louise Miller is to be commended for her responsiveness to her constituents' needs.

If you really want to make a difference, show and teach respect

*When I was young and up until the last 10 to 15 years, you were allowed to bring guns to school. I know this will come as a big surprise to many people, but gun classes were held on school property either with ROTC or after school.

> Teens made Eco Day a success

*Many thanks from the city of Woodinville to Noelani Donlin, our liaison to Woodinville High School DECA, for her outstanding work on putting together the Eco Day held at City Hall.

Schools should provide wrestling program for girls

*Theater is well worth the investment

Family supports the burn ban on Hollywood Hill

*I want to express my family's support for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's (PSCAA) extension of the permanent burn ban to include areas of Woodinville and, in particular, Hollywood Hill.

Students appreciate grocery bags

*This letter is in response to the mother who wishes parents to be responsible and keep girls out of the sport of wrestling. As a mother of four boys (the oldest being in college) I am well aware of the writer's concerns. However, allow me to respectfully disagree.

Guest Editorial: Regional plan gives voters the last word

*Local challenges deserve local solutions. That's the idea behind HB 2239, a bill released this week in the Legislature that would allow county executives to send local voters a package of transportation improvements, and related taxes, to alleviate the Puget Sound region's horrendous traffic problems.

Guest opinion

*There are, quite literally, prisons, business parks, communities smaller and, of course, larger, than ours with safer, drier, more structurally sound buildings and, in some cases, auditoriums and athletic fields that would be considered improvements to our facilities.
   These are the facts.

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