Northwest NEWS

April 30, 2001


Police Beat

Woodinville April 22: Around 5 p.m. Woodinville officers conducted a routine traffic stop on NE Woodinville-Duvall Road. Upon running the driver's and passenger's licenses and registration, it was discovered that the driver was suspended third degree and the passenger had a warrant for his arrest. Both were placed under arrest. Officers conducted a search of the vehicle and located drug paraphernalia.
   April 21: Police responded to the Metro bus station at NE 178th and 140th Avenue NE to a report of a disturbance. Officers contacted the driver of the bus who immediately pointed out a man walking down the street as the suspect. Police stopped the man and then took a statement from the bus driver. The driver stated that the suspect had been in the back of the bus sleeping for most of the route. When the driver reached the end of his route here in Woodinville, he walked to the back of the bus in an effort to awaken the suspect. When the suspect awoke he became upset and aggressive toward the driver. The suspect then verbally threatened to assault the driver before he got off the bus and walked down the street. When the police re-contacted the suspect, he confirmed that a verbal disagreement had taken place, but denied having made any threatening remarks toward the driver. The case has been forwarded to NE District Court.
   April 20: Police were dispatched to the 17500 block of 132 Avenue NE for the report of a vandalism. Police contacted the victim who stated that four days prior she had noticed some discolored spots on the paint of her car. The substance was hard and sticky. The victim reported to police that she does not park her car under any trees. Officers took photographs of the spots.
   April 20: Around 11 p.m. police investigated a disturbance in the 12600 block of NE Woodinville Drive. The victim told police that the suspect came into the business to discuss a civil issue between the parties and some lease terms. The discussion turned heated and escalated into aggressive yelling. The victim repeatedly asked the suspect to leave and to discuss the matters at a later date. At this point the victim told police the suspect raised a blue bottle over his head in a threatening manner. The victim believed the suspect was going to strike him with the bottle. Instead, the suspect left the building continuing to yell. Once outside, the suspect got into his car, but not before yelling and throwing the blue bottle at the front of the building. Police investigated the scene, observed the broken blue glass, took statements and arrested the suspect under Woodinville Municipal Code for "Placing a person in fear or apprehension by threat" and "Displaying a weapon to intimidate."
   April 5: A juvenile reported seeing his missing bicycle at a neighbor's house. He said it had been stolen a month earlier, but that he didn't report it, as he didn't think it would be found. The neighbor stated that he had found the bike in the bushes beside his house two weeks earlier. The bike owner's mother said the bike had been missing for about two months and that her son had left it by the road in front of their house. The owner was pleased to get his bicycle back.
   April 11: A city employee reported that at 8 a.m. he noticed two flat tires on a King County patrol vehicle and discovered while trying to inflate them, that they had been cut.
   According to the officer who drove the vehicle, the vandalism must have occurred after 11 p.m. the night before. No evidence was found around the vehicle. It had been parked by City Hall for two weeks without incident, but will be parked elsewhere from now on.
   April 12: At 3:35 p.m., a patrol officer saw a man whom he knew had a suspended driver's license approaching a pickup parked on Entwistle. The man waved at the officer, who drove on by and parked 100 feet beyond the pickup. The officer then saw the man get into the pickup, drive out of the parking lot and stop in the road.
   The man then backed up, parked and got out of the vehicle. The officer placed him under arrest for driving with a suspended license. While being handcuffed, the man dropped a sweater on the ground. In the sweater the officer found a plastic bag with a green leafy substance in it. A chemical field test revealed the presence of marijuana. He was taken to King County Jail, and the sweater and suspected substance were placed into evidence.