Northwest NEWS

May 7, 2001


Benefits of hedgerows shown in poster contest

by Beth Stroh-Stern
   Congratulations to this year's winners in the 10th annual Earth Day Poster Contest sponsored by Tolt Community Club, Duvall Civic Club and King Conservation District.
   Riverview Elementary students from Cherry Valley, Stillwater, Eagle Rock and Carnation Elementary participated in this event. The theme this year was "Both sides of the Hedgerow-Native plants at work."
   Their posters depicted the benefits to wildlife and farmers provided by hedgerow fencing.
   All students received participant ribbons for their entries. Prizes were awarded in three grade divisions: K-1st, 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th. The Grand Prize winner, selected from all age groups, was Amanda Gauthier of Carnation Elementary.
   In the K-1 division, 1st Place went to Noel Humberstone-ER, 2nd Place to Sarah Ullman-ER and 3rd Place to Robin Green-SW.
   In the second and third grade division: 1st Place was awarded to Calvin Green-CV, 2nd Place to Emily Sorenson-CV and 3rd Place to Alexandra Micklethwaite-SW.
   In the fourth and fifth grade division: 1st Place was earned by Emma Redman-ER, 2nd Place Katie Allen-ER and 3rd Place Melissa Flynn-SW.
   Honorable Mention awards went to: Sean Diaz-SW, Abby Davis-ER, Deirdre Greenfield-CE, Logan Hahn-CE, Makenzie Parr McKee-SW, Alea Carr-SW, Nicole Henderson-CV, Shawn Henderson-CV, Mathew Castro-SW, Stephanie West-SW, Brianna Alfred-SW and Stephanie McKay-CV.