Northwest NEWS

May 7, 2001


C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Award winners recognized

Two studens from each elementary, junior high, and high school in Northshore were recognized May 8 with C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Awards.The recipients are students who best exemplify humanitarian qualities in their school and/or community.
   Their fellow students and members of the school faculty select them.
   The school district promotes the concept of humanitarianism among its students through these annual awards established in 1988 in memory of Clifford Paul Johnson. He was a longtime resident of Bothell and served as coordinator of Minority Studies for the schools until his retirement in 1973.
   "C.P. advocated racial and ethnic tolerance and promoted positive human relations," said his widow, Dorothy Johnson of Bothell. "He based his judgment of people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin."
   The plaques are furnished by the Northshore School Board from the proceeds of a $2,500 award received in 1987 when the board was selected as the first recipient of the Washington State Award for Excellence in Education.
   2001 C.P. Johnson Award Winners
   Arrowhead: Katie Mora, Robbie Thornton; Bear Creek: Vassily Kutyavin, Whitney Dilling; Canyon Creek: Brennan Brown, Kyle Costa; Cottage Lake: Emily Rendahl, Frank Spadafora; Crystal Springs: Jessica Feller, Wayne Lichty; East Ridge: Rebecka English, Andy Hampson; Fernwood: Sacha Nunn, Shea Packard; Frank Love: Derek McIalwain, Kesley Ricker; Hollywood Hill: Ashley Diaz, Hiromu Mimori; Kenmore: Brennan Carter, Josephine Roy; Kokanee: Jon Westlake, Ashley Kees; Lockwood: Kesley Joy Baines, Alan L. Randell-Chen; Maywood Hills: Bryce Heath, Nicole Malkandi, Moorlands: Sarah Ena, Maria Lambo; Shelton View: Carolyn Gambotz, Lauren Smoot; Sunrise: Ferris Lupino, Mandy Sakamoto; Wellington,:Danica Bell, Kamarie Heagney; Westhill: Jennifer Jensen, Hannah Jones; Woodin: Theresa Crompton, Joseph McNeely; Woodmoor: Michael Ferrante, Katherine Townsend; C.O. Sorenson: Rena Atriola, Jonathon Duncan.
   Canyon Park JH: Danielle l. Brown, Jeremy A. Kaiser; Kenmore JH: Angelo Altavas, Stephanie Senescall; Leota JH: Maura Corroone, Dustin Rutledge; Northshore JH: John Broetje, Lauren Kebely; Skyview JH: Matthew Keller, Christine Pitawanich; Timbercrest JH: Matthew Davis, Annie Maas.
   Bothell High: Anna Maria Enfield, Palmer Weaver; Inglemoor High: Sheila Bijoor, Andrew Gondor, WAA Anderson/SAS: Ondia Leigh Sheets, Melissa Anne Wennberg; Woodinville High: Brian Bauer, Sergio Cueva; Home School Network: Jennifer Green, Kate Green.