Northwest NEWS

May 7, 2001


Tolt students score high on Hopkins' Talent Search

In May, a select group of Washington students will be honored for their exceptional academic talents. At a special awards ceremony, the Johns Hopkins University's Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth will recognize young people in grades five through eight for extraordinary achievement.
   These youth participated in Hopkins' annual Talent Search, the largest pre-college academic talent search in the world, celebrating its 21st anniversary this year. Several Tolt Middle School students were among Washington's top scorers.
   Using above-grade-level testing, the Talent Search offers students who typically excel a unique opportunity to test the full extent of their verbal and mathematical reasoning skills.
   "The assessment includes material that most participants will not have covered in school, but many do very well anyway because their reasoning abilities are so high," said Linda Barnett, the search's director.
   Seventh and eighth grade students took the College Board's SAT I: Reasoning Test. The state award recipients (the top 20 percent) from Tolt are Zachary Goodman and Mara Rice. Honors of distinction for students who scored as well as or above the average college-bound senior went to Zachary Goodman, Mara Rice and Natalie Jenkins.
   Other Tolt students to be commended for participating in the talent search are Soraya Al-Khoury, Bradford Baker, Evan Brammer, Garrett Derooy and Dylan Horkin.