Northwest NEWS

May 14, 2001


Stores in area refuse to sell albums to youths

My name is Laura Wilson. I am a high school freshman attending school in Bothell, Washington. I have recently been doing an in-depth research project on the topic of music censorship.
   During my research I have uncovered many facts and opinions on each side of the topic. Throughout this time I have formed my own opinion that music censorship of any kind is illegal. This letter will show you reasons that support my opinion.
   Censorship of any kind is illegal according to our nation's First Amendment, which states: "Congress shall make no law. . . abridging the freedom of speech." The fact that many stores located in our area are refusing to sell albums to youths is incomprehensible, because this goes directly against the First Amendment by refusing to sell music simply because of its content. It is not the right of the stores or government to dictate what today's youths listen to because they are not the ones in control of today's families. Parents have the most authority to say what their children should or should not listen to because they are the ones that decide what is best for their kids.
   The truth in this matter is that the stores will not stop censoring music unless citizens around the community voice their opinions. We all need to take action by writing our opinions about local censorship cases to our state legislature and stores, picketing stores that censor any music to show that what they are doing is wrong, and spreading the word that censorship is not right.
   Contact local organizations such as Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee (JAMPAC), The Vera Project, and Washington Coalition Against Censorship to find out more ways to help out in our community.
   The longer music censorship continues in our local stores and businesses, the longer these businesses will think it is all right to go against our Constitution.
   Everybody needs to get involved to show that breaking the First Amendment is not right.
   Laura Wilson, Bothell