Northwest NEWS

May 14, 2001


Update on fire truck-car collision

The King County Sheriff's Office reports that the accident on May 4 at 12:27 p.m. at Northeast Woodinville-Duvall Road and 212th Avenue Southeast occurred between a fire truck and a 1989 Acura Legend.
   The driver of the car, a 16-year-old Woodinville girl, pulled up to the intersection. All traffic signals were red. Apparently the girl thought the lights were malfunctioning so she pulled out into the intersection. Her stereo was loud so she did not hear the fire engine's siren.
   Two cars were behind the girl's, and the drivers of those cars reported hearing the siren.
   As the girl drove out into the intersection, she was struck by the on-coming fire truck.
   The driver suffered from glass in her eyes due to the crash and was transported first to Evergreen Hospital Medical Center then later transferred to Swedish Medical Center where she underwent eye surgery that Friday evening.
   She was released from the hospital the day after the surgery. Her family reports she is recovering.
   King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart reminds drivers that fire trucks have the ability to trip traffic lights, making them red in all directions. This is done so that the trucks can proceed through intersections en route to emergencies without stopping. Urquhart cautions drivers not to assume red lights in every direction mean malfunctioning traffic signals.