Northwest NEWS

May 14, 2001


Evergreen proposes additional hospital beds

To accommodate the high levels of community demand for inpatient services, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center submitted a letter of intent to the state of Washington proposing an increase in the licensed acute care bed capacity. The hospital is currently licensed for 134 acute care beds, 15 hospice beds and 17 long-term care beds for a total of 166 beds.
   "For the past three years, Evergreen has consistently had one of the highest occupancy rates of any hospital in the state," said Andrew Fallat, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer. "Research shows that the number of people we care for in our district is not only expected to continue growing but to age as well. The number of people over the age of 65 who reside in our district is growing, and in particular when compared to other age segments, the number of people over 85 years of age is growing most rapidly. These are signs of escalating demand for inpatient medical services that our district residents expect us to provide into the future.
   "So that residents do not have to travel long distances, be transferred unnecessarily to other facilities or experience delays because we're at capacity, new services will be added at Evergreen as the needs grow," said Fallat.
   Evergreen recently began construction to build out existing shelled space on the 4th and 5th floors of the hospital. This space will accommodate Evergreen's new Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery as well as provide replacement bed capacity for current beds located in other parts of the hospital. No additional capital expenditures will be required for the licenses that have been requested.