Northwest NEWS

May 14, 2001

Front Page

Kenmore Junior High participates in Model UN

Kenmore Junior High sent its full allotment of 20 delegates, representing China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea and Singapore. All played their roles with vigor and accuracy, and were models of diplomacy.
   Three Kenmore students were honored with awards: Chris Blair was lauded as the Best Delegate by his committee chairs for his representation of Japan in the General Assembly (GA). The GA was the largest committee, with 100 students.
   Kiran Dyamenahalli won an award for his work as China for the UN Development Program. He wrote important papers for the committee and spoke eloquently.
   Meghan Kiel, meanwhile, received an award for her portrayal of the Vietnamese ambassador to UNICEF. She was a frequent speaker and instrumental in helping the group reach consensus.
   Anna Lee and Yalin Lin, representing China for the General Assembly and UNICEF, respectively, also were extraordinary, writing and speaking frequently.
   Kenmore Junior High also supplied the Pages to the conference, 24 students who ran errands, delivered messages, made copies, helped the Chairpeople maintain order and keep track of the roll and the paperwork. The Pages were repeatedly lauded as both excellent and essential.
   Julie Hill was singled out by the Chair of the General Assembly for a kind of Honorable Mention, as her organization and direction of the other Pages and assistance to the Chairs made that huge committee governable.
   Also, Pages Devin Cramer, Victoria Peterson, and Travis Venable were drafted to become delgates, taking the places of absent or ailing delegates; their attention while working as Pages enabled them to participate fully at short notice.
   The Model UN is funded for two years to come and expects to nearly double in size. A solid team of organizers and chairs is in place, with active recruiting for future chairs underway through the UW political science and international studies schools.
   Kenmore Advisor Tom Petersen has been a consultant to the World Affairs Council as a coach, chair, organizer, and trainer, Mr. Petersen helped the W.A.C. by setting forth a set of guiding principles, supplying detailed information of both how and why a M odel UN works, along with setting an organization timeline. He edited delegate materials, and trained the chairpeople, and roamed the convention as an assistant to the Under Secretary and "guru" to the Secretary General.