Northwest NEWS

May 14, 2001


Scholarship winner finds the perfect school

by Tove Burhen
   Katie Byrne, graduate of Cedarcrest High School last June, has found the perfect school for her.
   "Linfield College at McMinnville, Oregon, met all my requirements," she said. "It's a small school where I can work toward a teaching certificate and it's not too far from home. Now that I'm here, I love it. It's great!"
   "Although small," she added, "the campus is beautiful with many trees and green grass. There are old buildings, one in a brick Georgian style with columns, dating back to the 19th century."
   The Rich Duncan scholarship winner became interested in early childhood education when she volunteered to work with small children at her Sunday School. Now she follows that with a work/study job as a reading tutor for an elementary school.This job, plus classes and studying, leaves little time for extracurricular activity but she does belong to a campus club, SCA, which is a fellowship of Christian athletes.
   Although Byrne played volleyball and was on the drill team at Cedarcrest, she is not now involved in sports. Some weekends she has had a chance to go with friends who have a cabin at beautiful Lincoln City on the Oregon coast.
   Byrne also went to a Japanese festival at Willamette University at Salem. This reinforced her interest in the language. She studied Japanese at Cedarcrest, had a class in it last quarter and will continue it spring quarter.
   Besides the foreign language, Byrne's classes have been a math overview, which reviewed her three years of high school from algebra through trigonometry, a psychology class and an English class called "Novels of Social Conflicts." One novel that impressed her was by Jamaica Kincaid on the Caribbean.
   A nice aspect of the small college that appeals to her is that the classes are all small, 30 or less students.
   In her junior year, Byrne hopes to travel, either to Japan or to Ireland, which she believes must be a beautiful island and is the land of her ancestors. "So far," she laughed, "I have only been in Washington and Oregon!"
   Byrne was interested to hear the history of the late Rich Duncan, the man for whom friends have created a scholarship. She said she would have liked to have met him. She thanked the donors for the amount that she put toward her tuition at Linfield.
   The United Snoqualmie Valley Scholarship Foundation not only raises funds to give their awards to graduating seniors of Cedarcrest, Mount Si and Two Rivers high schools, but they also oversee the many local scholarships given by businesses, organizations and citizens.
   To learn how to donate to the USVSF or to create a scholarship, call chairman Anthony Smith at the Cedarcrest counseling office at (425) 788-0287 or USVSF member Tove Burhen at (425) 788-1266.