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May 14, 2001

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County Council appoints four to Fall City Stakeholders Group

SEATTLE-The Metropolitan King County Council last week approved the appointments of Donald Jay Bluher, Tom Bernard, Dr. Greg Fawcett and Steven Greninger, to the Fall City Wastewater Stakeholders Group.
   Creation of the stakeholders group was a provision of the Fall City Subarea Plan approved by the County Council last year to address ongoing problems relating to wastewater disposal in the Fall City business district.
   Donald Jay Bluher is a property owner in Fall City and the manager of the Stevens Family Market. Dr. Greg Fawcett, a dentist who has lived and worked in the community for over two decades, owns commercial property in Fall City. Commercial land developer Tom Bernard owns two business parcels in the community. He has a background with the development, operation and maintenance of large-scale septic systems, with knowledge of new technology treatment systems. Steven Greninger is a member of the citizen advisory committee that worked on the Fall City Subarea Plan.
   Other members of the group include county departments (the Seattle/King County Department of Public Health and the Department of Developmental and Environmental Services) and non-county interests (an expert in alternative wastewater treatment technology).
   King County Councilmember David Irons said the goal of the group is to help research and recommend solutions to the existing wastewater treatment problems within the business district. Among the possible solutions they will consider are: a septic tank management program, community drainfield, alternative wastewater treatment technologies and public sewers to be considered only if other solutions are determined to be technologically and/or financially feasible
   "These members bring a wide range of experience to the table, and that diversity is important when working on a matter with so many potential solutions," said Irons, chair of the Council's Utilities and Technology Committee. "This issue has been studied before, and residents have stated very clearly they are not interested in sewers. I look forward to seeing the alternatives, other than sewers, that this group will suggest to solve the business area's wastewater concerns."
   Group members are to make their recommendations to the County Council by Sept. 1, 2001.