Northwest NEWS

May 21, 2001


Veterans should be recognized and appreciated

  As Memorial Day nears, we think of those men who put their lives on the line for our country. Those who participated in past wars are veterans we should recognize and appreciate.
   One of the most feared sounds of war was the gunfire. It meant that someone, maybe you, would be killed or wounded. In the noise of the battlefield, fear and confusion were sometimes felt. When the gunfire was heard, a soldier's training and bravery played an important role in his or her survival. Even the best-trained and bravest soldiers were sometimes shot. It was this time that fear was worst. It meant that if soldiers were not rescued from the battlefield, they would either die there or be taken by the enemy. Who were the ones to rescue the wounded?
   Helicopter pilots were those who flew rescue missions above the sound of gunfire. The welcome sound of the helicopter rotors gave hope to the injured that help was on its way. As helicopter crews touched down it was often on the worst places, shooters would cover the crewmembers that stepped into the line of fire to pick up the wounded. They encouraged the soldiers to hang on while starting medical procedures. They were shot at as they flew away to safety. Some helicopter crews would arrive at military base hospitals with their clothes tattered with bullet holes. Many lives are owed to those brave men and women who helped soldiers escape death. We honor and remember their sacrifices.
   Brett Rodman