Northwest NEWS

May 21, 2001


Police Beat

   May 14: Police received a report of a car vandalism in the 17100 block of 131st Avenue NE. The owner reported parking in his designated carport space on the night of May 13. The next morning he unlocked his door, sat down, but could not get his key into the ignition. Upon closer inspection he found another key jammed into the ignition and then broken off as well as pry marks around the steering column. When police arrived they asked the driver about the numerous items strewn all around the interior of the car. The driver explained to police that this was not unusual and characterized himself as a slob. No other damage or items were reported missing. Police were able to lift prints from the car.
   May 14: Around 3:15 in the afternoon a driver and his passenger pulled into a parking stall in the 17600 block of 140th Avenue NE. As their car pulled in, they were almost struck by another car driven by the suspect. The suspect got out of his car and began yelling profanity. The driver of the first car returned similar sentiments to which the suspect responded by saying it was a bad day to mess with him. The suspect then pulled out his wallet and displayed a concealed weapons permit. The driver of the first car alleges that at this point the suspect threatened to kill him. Police arrived and took statements from the driver and witness of the first car and then contacted the suspect. The suspect admitted to yelling, swearing and displaying his concealed weapons permit, but denied threatening to kill the other driver. The case is under further investigation.
   May 12: The owner of a business in the 13400 block of NE 175th Street arrived in the morning to find a large five-foot circular hole cut out of the chain-link fence that surrounds the business. Police investigated, but there was no way to obtain evidence at the point of entry. The owner did not notice any large items missing, but reported that it would take some time to go through his smaller inventory to determine exactly what had been stolen.
   May 8: Police responded to the report of a missing or stolen car in the 13300 block of 171st Street. The owner reported parking his car the night before and finding it missing the next morning. Initially the owner thought the car might have been repossessed since he was behind on a few payments, but a check with the bank confirmed that the car had not been repossessed. Police investigated the scene, but there were no signs of a forced entry.