Northwest NEWS

May 21, 2001


Charley welcomed by Bothell Police Department

The Bothell Police Department has a new weapon in the war on drugs and his name is Charley.
   He is a 17-month-old yellow Labrador retriever specifically trained to sniff out the presence of illegal drugs. Charley and his partner, Officer Daryl Lobe, are currently assigned to the patrol section.
   Charley and Officer Lobe successfully completed more than 80 hours of training together as a narcotics detection team.
   They received certification as a team from the Pacific Northwest Detection Dog Association.
   The reason and goal of the narcotics detection team is to reduce the likelihood of illegal drugs being brought into, possessed or sold within the community, thereby creating a deterrence through the canine team's performance.
   This new program was funded by the city's Seizure and Forfeiture Account, which was created and funded from drug dealer asset seizures.
   Since joining the Bothell Police, Charley has already had significant success while on duty.
   Charley made a find of methamphetamine his first night out and most recently discovered an illegal drug operation, which resulted in arrests and the confiscation of drugs and cash. He is also quickly gaining a reputation in the law enforcement community as "top dog," when it comes to illegal drug detection.
   Officer Lobe, 34, is very excited about his role in the new K-9 program and enjoys the bond he and his partner, Charley, have developed through their training and shared experiences.