Northwest NEWS

May 21, 2001


Northshore nominates Capt. Dave Maehren for Leadership Award

The Northshore School District selected Captain Dave Maehren, King County Sheriff's Office, North Precinct 2, as its nominee for this year's WASA, Washington Association of School Administrators - Metro Division, Community Leadership Award.
   The Community Leadership Award is presented to community members or groups, in recognition of their contribution to education. Recipients are non-WASA members, and are recognized at the regional level.
   Specific criteria include benefit to students, leadership, motivation, success, history of service, recognition by others, and cooperation/coordination with local districts.
   All recipients were honored at the WASA Community Recognition Awards Luncheon on May 11 at the Doubletree Suites in Tukwila.
   Northshore selected Maehren because:
   His primary focus is to reach and protect all kids and work tirelessly to create a safe environment for everyone.
   He is willing to tackle any obstacle in order to do what he believes is right.
   He's always available to help, regardless of the issue, regardless of the time.
   He works hard to involve his the community in his work and build a variety of safety nets for kids.
   He encourages cooperative partnerships between fire, police and community leaders.
   He took a lead role in the incorporation of the city of Kenmore, the creation of the School Resource Officer (SRO) program, the Party Patrol, the Northlake Boys and Girls Club, where he actually did some of the remodeling himself and the Store Front Officer Program.
   He is active in the DARE program, in the on-going refinement of the Emergency Management Policy to help protect and serve the schools, and a strong advocate for building closer relationships between school administration and the police.
   "Maehren knows that a sense of isolation and alienation can turn a young person into an emotional time bomb. Given that reality and the knowledge that different programs, services and people will reach different kids, Captain Maehren never stops looking for a viable and positive way to provide support to the students, the schools and the community," said Superintendent Dr. Karen Forys. "It never hurt to have the law on your side but when it comes packaged with such a sincere desire to make this a better world, how can you lose?"