Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


They are waiting for a valid reason for the burn ban

When Dennis J. McLerran, executive director of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, wrote his May 7 letter to the Woodinville Weekly, he confused the issues.
   First, "the state's newly enacted ban on yard waste burning," which was implemented by the city of Woodinville's Chipping Event, an event that Mr. McLerran hopes will be copied by other cities, was not applied to Woodinville or any other city. Cities have had burn bans for years.
   The "newly enacted ban" was laid on the unincorporated rural area east and south of Woodinville, west of Avondale and Paradise Lake roads, where we have debris from acreage, not from city yards.
   And the reasons previously given by the air agency for the ban included no mention of emission of fine particles, probably because no where in King County has there been a failure to meet either the federal or state PM2.5 fine particles emission standards.
   We ruralites, who now are expected to pay hundreds of dollars to chip and haul acreage debris that other rural areas - including east of Avondale - are still permitted to burn during the state-approved spring and fall limited burning windows, are waiting to be given a valid reason for the ban for which there was no warning.
   Maxine Keesling, Woodinville