Northwest NEWS

May 28, 2001


Bullying is not always physical; it can be harassment and put downs

Parents at Woodinville High School must be responsible for stopping drug abuse and bullying at the school. Currently the school is limited due to district and school board policies. This cannot be tolerated.
   Let your elected officials and Northshore School District and Northshore School District School Board members know that they must act now to save our kids at Woodinville High School.
   There are stronger drug laws and "The Bully Bill" before the Washington State Legislature. Call Olympia and tell your elected officials that you support these two issues.
   Drugs and bullying are a huge problem at Woodinville High School. Your children are all affected. Those who are not bullied get into becoming bullies and drug users because of strong student pressure. We are talking about the wealthy families also, folks.
   These are families with perceived leaders in school. Many times "popular" students bully and push their drug of choice onto your children. It is not cool to not use drugs and not bully at Woodinville High School.
   What is wrong with this picture? Bullying is not only physical, it is harassment and putdowns. Something as simple as the personal choice to say no to drugs, or not fitting the size 4 body size causes unbearable hurt and heartache to good kids. This behavior is not being dealt with head-on by Woodinville High School.
   Talk to your kids. Talk to school administration at all levels.
   Concerned parents at
   Woodinville High School